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Welcome to my site...

This website was developed as part of an assignment in the Web Client Development (WCD) module of Singapore Polytechnic. Students were required to create a website of at least 3 separate webpages using HTML and CSS. Though this, we learnt to employ the usage of HTML and CSS to create webpages.

About me

My name is Song Tian. I was born in the year 2000 in the small garden city of Singapore to the Liu family.

I have two elder siblings, a sister and a brother. My sister holds a full-time job and buys food and snacks for my brother and I. My brother is 2 years older than me and I have always followed in his footsteps, going to the same school as him up until we graduated from secondary school. He went to a junior college and I decided to pursue my academic interests. I am currently studying Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) in Singapore Polytechnic.

I am a frequent lurker of Reddit. My favourite subreddits are /r/nosleep and /r/shittylifeprotips. I enjoy watching YouTube videos with content related to modern media. Some channels I am subscribed to are Game Theorists and Film Theorists.