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Blade & Soul (Taiwan)

Blade & Soul is a fantasy MMORPG with a martial-arts theme. It is developed Korean developers NCSOFT, which also produced other popular MMORPGs such as Lineage and Guild Wars. The Release date of the original game in Korea is June 30, 2012. Blade & Soul TW released on November 23, 2017.

Currently, I have 4 characters on different servers.

  • 55級11星 氣功士 (國色天香)
  • 55級10星 槍擊士 (天人合一)
  • 45級 劍士 (萬夫莫敵)
  • 46級 咒術士 (萬夫莫敵)
bns screenshot
Auctioning for loot after defeating a boss

League of Legends (Garena)

I started playing League of Legends on December 12, 2011. (Season 2)

Solo queue ranks achieved:

  • Season 2: ~1400 elo
  • Season 3: Silver 3 (72 Wins)
  • Season 4: Gold 5 (63 Wins)
  • Season 5: Platinum 3 (145 Wins)
  • Season 7: Diamond 5 (94 Wins)

Currently, I am Diamond 5 in solo queue and Platinum 5 in flex queue.

;league profile
My profile as of 22/11/2017

Collection of Plays

Video link 1
Thresh played to perfection
Video link 2
Blitzcrank 1v1 Adc and survives
Video link 3
Vayne barely staying alive
Video link 4
Vayne dives into enemy marksman

Table Tennis

I started playing Table Tennis when I was 5. My mother signed me up for training at Clementi Sports Hall once a week and I was forced to attend every lesson. I only started to love the sport after a 2 years hiatus in primary school. Since then, I've continued playing until graduating from secondary school.

Although I no longer play the sport, I will never forget the euphoric feeling of an intense game of Table Tennis, and will always be up to play a friendly match with anyone who wishes for it.

Below is a short clip of me playing for my secondary school

Link to video
NHHS vs RVHS B Boys 2015